Sunday, August 16, 2015

Victoria - Butchart Gardens

Our last stop was Victoria, BC, and we had heard lots of good reports about Butchart Gardens, so off we went.  Our bus driver gave us a little history about Victoria before our self guided tour.  The Butcharts were in the concrete business, and ended up with a big hole in the ground.  Mr. Butchart told Mrs. Butchart to turn it into a garden, and she did!  We had an overcast day - great for photos - no was perfect.

The entrance to the garden.

 Walkway to the Sunken Garden.



Walkway to the Rose Garden.

This place is a photographer's dream.  I was using my Canon G17, and none of the photos on this trip were touched up.

The walkways themselves were garden could it keep becoming more beautiful?

 All the 'trellis" work was concrete.  I like that!

The Rose Garden must have used about 3 acres of land...never thought I could get tired of looking at roses.  All were labeled.

 Jenny's private garden.

Too cute!

Time was running short, so be made our way to the Japanese Garden.

This is Mr. Butchart's star shaped pond where he kept his special German ducks.  Jenny hated the ducks, and while they were in England, the ducks died.  Robert insisted that they go to Germany to get more ducks, so they went, which made them miss their passage on the Titanic.  Jenny liked the ducks after that.

The Italian Garden. 

An indoor garden. 

On our way out...sensory overload...