Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tracey Arm Fjord

We sailed into Tracey Arm Fjord at 5 in the morning.  It was rainy, cold.  There was a naturalist on board, geologist, who spoke from the bridge.  We bundled up, with coffee, and viewed from our balcony.  The 3000 ft. deep water was strewn with icebergs of beautiful colors and shapes.  It was like being in Yosemite, but with water and ice.  Our ship zig zagged through the fjord, offering views of glacier shaped valleys, waterfalls, glimpses of the Juneau Ice Field, with cascading glaciers.

As we approached a glacier, the ice bergs became more numerous.

North Sawyer Glacier.  Because of ice bergs, we couldn't get too close.

 This one looked like a sinking ship to me.

We've seen glacier falls like this in the alps.

South Sawyer Glacier...the end of the road.

 I thought this valley was so pretty, the U shape.

Another glacier formed valley.

The water color reminded me of Cancun!

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