Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 8, Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca? Majorca?  The only thing I knew about Mallorca is that it's an island off the coast of Spain, and Raphael Nadal lives there.  We were supposed to take a tour of the Modernist Art movement in Palma, but it was cancelled for lack of interest.  So we took the shuttle to the cathedral, and walked around with our friend Kee.  The local tour rep on the ship told us to go to such and such square, and just get "lost"...we started at the Cathedral.

Old olive to be at least 400-500 years old.

 Markets with fresh produce and meats.

Giant ficus tree.
Our friend Kee spotted a gluten free pizza restaurant...she went back to the ship, but we met up with Bob and Chris, and had tapas, pizza, and sangria...very pleasant.  Bob and Chris peeled off, and Robert and I had a nice, leisurely walk back to the ship.  We walked past many architecturally interesting apartment buildings and more yachts!

Spot the Cathedral through the masts.

Nice wide walkway along the marina.

Kids getting a beautiful sailboat ready.

With special paint job.

Do you think this can move?

Lots and lots of boats.
When we boarded, I said to Robert, how bout if I call the spa, Canyon Ranch, do you want a massage...of course he did, so I ordered up a facial and off we went.  In the spa, they make you fill out a medical form, which I think is none of their business, I just put down a few answers, and off I went with Elvieraza, Polish esthetician.  Okay, I'm ready for the upsell...I flat out tell her I'm not buying any products, I have plenty.  She says, in her Polish accent, "oh really, what do you use?"  My reply, Eminence organic products..."do you have them on now?"  no..."well that's good, because I would tell you they're not working"  HA HA, I burst out laughing...we got on fine after that.  At the end of the facial, she says "now, the facial is over, since you will not allow me to complete my job"...again I laughed, but at least I didn't have to listen to the sales pitch.  
We learned that there had been a few cases of Noro virus on the ship, I think amongst employees, and apparently the ship lost crew members before we boarded, and took on some new crew who were unfamiliar with the ship.  There were a few disgruntled crew who were working extra hard, maybe they were grumpy, but they didn't bother me, how could I complain when on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea?  We sailed away that evening, for our last port, Valencia.  What do I now know about Mallorca?  Nice jewelry shops, beautiful cultured pearls...beautiful sky and beaches...would be a nice place to catch some rays.

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