Saturday, July 21, 2012


Captains Log:  Stardate, Day 6, we have completed the first half of our northern Mediterranean journey.  This morning's view from our veranda showed sun drenched mountain villages with color bursts of bougainvillea, villas, and crumbly ruins.  This must be our destination of the Amalfi coast.


And there it was - Amalfi, as beautiful and picturesque as I could ever imagine.  

I couldn't get off the boat fast enough.  We had a free morning, and an afternoon tour to Ravello.   Off we went in the tender to explore this unknown village.
Just gonna let the pictures do the talkin'. 

Ceramics, giant lemons...Amalfi trademarks.

Mariner's of my favorite quilting blocks.

Italian fast food.

Robert in his new Italian sandals.

Before going to the pier to join our tour bus, we stopped at a cafe for a bite to eat.  My hardest decision was, should I have a gelato or lemon granita?  I went with the granita, an almost solid lemon ice crystal concoction - oh, I'm hooked.  

Our tour guide was...well, her English was poor, she didn't know the difference between left and right, so we were on our own.  The bus climbed up a mountain, all switchbacks (Robert gave the driver a good tip), the view was spectacular.  We toured Villa Rufolo, from the 13th century, Moorish inspired, and has beautiful gardens.  There were some exotic plants and trees, and a sculpture exhibit, but our guide was unable to communicate.  The hillsides were all terraced with grapes, lemon, and olive trees. Again, we were amazed by how similar the Mediterranean flora is to ours...we just don't have a body of water.

The local big lemons.



I would like to stay at this hotel...



Robert standing by the dog house. 

 And back to the boat.  What a beautiful day.  Tomorrow, Sicily.


  1. What a feast for the eyes! Beautiful pictures - I feel like I had a chance to ride in your pocket! Great job - have fun!!