Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ephesus Tile Floors

Yuk, I've come down with a chest cold...started coughing...I sound like my father did when he got colds.  I went about 6-8 years with no colds, this year I've had 3...who can explain?  My "favorite" part of being sick is that I have weird dreams.  Last night I dreamed that all my senses/body parts were disconnected, nothing worked together.  I was dreaming that I was trying to open my eyes, but they wouldn't work.  So I figured out that if I aligned everything in series, just joined everything up, I would be okay.  So I did, and woke up with my body working.  And that's enough about my psyche!  I love to dream...it's like free movies.
The preserved tile floors at Ephesus were beautiful...they gave me great ideas for quilts. 




Hope you enjoy these timeless patterns.

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