Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jerusalem, Day 1

The bus took us through the streets of Jerusalem, where we observed the last moments of Purim, a happy Jewish holidays...it went on for 3 days, and the locals made St Patrick's day look like child's play.  Everyone is dressed up, and just having fun.  We drove through one of the haredi (orthodox) sections.

Lots of little girls were dressed as brides.

It wasn't an uncommon sight to see armed IDF soldiers.
We went to the Shrine of The Book Museum, which holds the Dead Sea Scrolls, most of which are below ground.  There is a facsimile of the the original and some of the actual scrolls are on display...of course, no photography.  Next we went to the King David Hotel, which was a wonderful place to spend the last few days of our trip.  The hotel is beautiful, and it makes one feel as if they are staying in the Old City, which is just a 5 minute walk.

The hotel has housed every notable world leader and celebrity...the main walkway boasts their signatures - all of our recent presidents, even Jackie O and Liz and Dick...I should have taken photos...of well.

During the War of Independence, the Israelis wanted the British out and they wouldn't leave.  They were headquartered in the hotel.  The Zionists called the hotel, and told the Brits that a bomb had been planted and would explode tout de suite.  The smart ones fled, some Brits and Israelis were killed.  And the Brits left Israel.

More later!

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