Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tel Aviv, Day 3


Well it did rain and thunder last night, so I did get the storm I hoped for. This morning we took took a walk along the beach, with umbrellas. There are quite a few hotels with beachfront cafes.


We came to a little park, with beggar cats and pigeons...interestingly enough, we haven't seen any homeless/poor people.

We walked to the TA Hilton...Robert had a memory of some large copper doors, which were sculpted by someone he knew from a kibutz, but we couldn't find them. He peeled off to go to an AA meeting, and I headed back to our hotel.

The Tel Aviv version of Venice Beach's muscle beach. Really rather cool, resistance training. People here are fit, they eat well and exercise.

There were 5-10 ft waves...and the rain/thunder didn't deter the surfers. A life guard was yelling at them in Hebrew, I think telling them to get out of the water. I held my umbrella in one hand, and cell phone in the other to take pics...with a smile on my face! Then I started thinking about the umbrella being like a lightening rod...sort of ruined my fun, and I headed back to the hotel.

We meet up with our tour group tonight, and embark on our travels with them tomorrow. I think I'll call the spa, see if I can get a facial...lots of talk/advertising about Dead Sea mud being good for the skin. I'll let you know!




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