Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tel Aviv, Day 2

Woke up at 3 am Tel Aviv time...hope to get more hours of sleep tonight.  The sun came up, and the day was beautiful.  After a gourmet breakfast feast, our friend Yuval

picked us up, and we drove south to the town of Rishon Letzion (ree shown lit zee on) to see Robert's mother's grave...her last wish was to be buried in Israel.  It was an old cemetery, she was buried in 1971.

Her Hungarian nick name was Piri, the Hebrew says Devora Young, daughter of Rueben Rosenberg, died December 21, 1971.  Never fun to go to a cemetery...
Our next stop was the old port of Jaffa, old stone walls and buildings,

 and the site of where Jonah got on the ship, that led him to be thrown overboard and swallowed by the whale...hey, it's in the Bible.  

Jaffa's port, the oldest in Israel, is still used by fishermen and boat enthusists.

We walked through winding passageways

some buildings were converted to modern boutiques.

We saw an archealogical dig site, that was the Temple of the Lion...dates to 1465 BC...yep, about 3500 years old.

We walked through the flea market...everything (and more) then you'd ever want.  All kinds of stuff.

Including furniture and rugs...yes, I walked right by the silk rugs.

Mosque, mineret, heard the call to prayer.  In Jaffa, Jews and Arabs live side by side, and get along.

View to the north of Tel Aviv.  It was supposed to rain today...glad it didn't.  Although Israel is also having a drought.

Lunch, nap, dinner with Yuval and his wife Galia, at Cafe Noir, a chic restaurant that specialized in schnitzel and lamb.  I had lamb kebobs, which was truly the best lamb I've ever had...could cut it with my fork.  Served on tahini with roasted tomato and onion.  And accompanied by a red wine blend of shiraz, merlot, and petite verdot...another really good Israeli wine.
Afterward, we walked down Rothschild Street, which is flanked by Bauhaus architecture...beautiful.

Our nightcap was a street musician cellist with a ballet trained modern dancer.  Unique.

It's midnight, I'm falling asleep..sorry if there are errors.  Supposed to be thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow...I could use a good thunderstorm!

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