Monday, March 17, 2014

Mount of The Beatitudes, Church of the Anunciation, Safed

My favorite part of the day was the Mount of the Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount.


Some Fijian UN troops came in while we there, and they sang. It was beautiful and inspiring, I posted a clip on my Facebook page, but can't get it to post here.


Next we went to Nazereth, to the Church of the Anunciation, the site where Mary received the news she was carrying the Son of God. It's a new church, built over the site where she lived. There were some beautiful mosaics contributed by all countries, and some beautiful stained glass windows.
This is from the US...silver.
Next door was the church of St. Joseph, over his house. I love this bronze of him.
Nazereth is the largest Arab town in Israel. About the Arab homes, when a couple has a child, the father starts building an addition to the house. And they keep adding, so the whole family lives together. None of the houses ever looks finished, they seem to spread into each other...some examples:
Our next stop was Safat, which is one of the holy Jewish cities, home of mysticism and kaballah (made famous by Madonna) and art. Because Purim was going on, the city was closed down, except for a LOT of drinking, by people of all ages. You are supposed to get ferschnickered. Some pics of the narrow walkways, and a Sephardic temple that was open.
Tomorrow, we're on the road to Jerusalem!




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