Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jordan River, Bet Shean

We left our hotel in Tiberias, and travelled along the Galilee to the Jordan River, and stopped at a baptismal site. Groups make pilgremage to the site. They charge a small fee, and have a huge gift store selling JR water, etc. Some pics of the group we saw, again, I can't get the video clip to post.

We wondered if the giant catfish was going to get the pigeon.

Some notables who have been baptized at the river.

Next stop, Bet Shean, a recently found 4th century BCE Canaanite, Greek, Roman, Byzantine ruin.

The 8000 seat Roman amphitheater (circa 200 BCE):

The incredible bath house...I have never seen such a well preserved example before...this was uncovered in year 2000. There was a central sauna area, then as you went out, the cooler areas, a courtyard, and massage rooms.
The caulderon area.
Side room.

Courtyard with benches.

The mosaics were so well preserved, I'm always amazed by their geometry.

This was one of the main streets:
With a forum.
These are broken pillars left in their natural state.
Here's Robert endangering his life, trying to determine whether the bricks here are of the same style used in Rome...oy!
More later...ciao!


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